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  1. Native Integration with Google Workspace: Copper CRM is deeply integrated with Google Workspace (formerly G Suite), making it a seamless choice for businesses already using Google apps.
  2. Visual Sales Pipeline: Copper CRM provides a visual sales pipeline that simplifies deal tracking and enables users to manage their sales process effectively.
  3. Task Management: Copper CRM offers task management features that help users stay organized and on top of their daily activities.
  4. Email Integration: Copper CRM integrates with Gmail, allowing users to manage their emails and communications directly within the CRM.
  5. Relationship Tracking: Copper CRM focuses on relationship tracking and simplifying contact management, ensuring a clear view of interactions with customers and leads.
  • Copper CRM Automation Capabilities:
  • Task Automation: Copper CRM offers task automation, allowing users to set up recurring tasks and automate task assignments.
  • Email Integration: Copper CRM integrates with email platforms, facilitating communication within the CRM. However, it may not offer advanced email automation features like Pipedrive and Freshworks CRM.
  • Basic Workflow Automation: Copper CRM provides some workflow automation capabilities, enabling users to automate certain actions based on predefined rules.
  • Limited Pipeline Automation: Copper CRM offers pipeline automation, but the extent of automation may not be as advanced as Pipedrive and Freshworks CRM.

Automation Capabilities 7
Available Integrations 8
Ease of use 8
Ease of implementation 7
Time to implement 8
affordability 6